For a long time in muay thai, the importance has long been placed on winning bouts or working towards championship belts rather than black-belts. Although neglecting the muay thai grading may seem like a very no non-sense and practical way of thinking, it does mean that students under appreciate one of the most satisfying achievements of learning a martial art: achieving a new level of grading.

In western gyms, many clubs use an arm-band (prajioud) or a singlet grading system to rank their students. At Fightbase, we use arm-bands for grading our students. Rankings take many things into consideration, but the main categories are:

  • Skill
  • Experience
  • Dedication

This can sometimes leave the grading level of a student up for debate between trainers. The truth is, some people can be training for only a week and already be a better fighter than someone training for 6 months, just due to the fact that they won the genetic lottery when it comes to athletic ability, speed and strength. This leaves us trainers to decide whether said person should be given a higher ranking than the person who has dedicated the last 6 months to their training. More often than not, the answer is no.

It is important that the student EARNS their muay thai grading level. This is not about creating some sort of cult that requires a person to abide by the rules and follows procedures to become initiated, but it is about the student placing importance on a level of grading for when they finally achieve it. If you can commit to achieving a Red armband/Black belt, you can commit to achieving almost anything!

The most important thing to us is seeing our students achieve something. Whether it be having their first bout, training for the next muay thai grading that will get them to the next armband colour, or winning a championship belt, as long as they can reflect on their achievements with pride, we feel as though we have done our job.


When can I start to compete? You can start at the beginning! A very good place to start!

Again depending on your experience you will have to join our regular classes first for at least 3 months or more! (12 months if you’re an absolute beginner)! Then we will see!

Competition is not for everyone! You’ll have to prove you deserve to represent our Club, and must earn our attention by coming often to classes and showing the correct attitude and level of skill necessary!

We chose the best of our students to represent our Club, just like a soccer coach choses his best players to make his team! Because when you fight Muay thai style or Boxing you don’t just fight for yourself and for your own ego! You compete for your Club, for your teachers and for the Art of Muay Thai! and Boxing !!